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About Us

El Dahan Oriental Grill’ story started back in 1890  - where El-Hajj Ali El-Dahan El-Kabeer received many honors and certificates of appreciation from the Khedive Ismail and then King Farouk - the successes of El Dahan and the confidence of his customers increased over years and ages.

While always striving to serve delicious dishes, our menu revolves around the finest quality of grass-fed beef, lamb and poultry meat offered in terms of cut, marinating, preparation, tenderness and taste, delivered from our ranch directly to our branches.

Our special charcoal grilled meat’s aroma and delightful taste, along with the flaming hot balady bread freshly served and the oriental salads selection can never be missed.

Our goal has been always to provide our valued customers with high level of service, exceeding their expectations.

Visit us today and enjoy an oriental remarkable dining experience loved by so many.

Al-Dahan Company for Tourism Projects Management

Factory address and administration

Plot 22, Kattameya industrial zone